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I am a lecturer at the School of Politics and International Relations and Resident Senior Fellow at the China Policy Institute, University of Nottingham. As a trained social and political scientist I am research active in the fields of philanthropy and civil society in Greater China as well as EU-China relations. As a practitioner I have helped design and implement three capacity building initiatives for Chinese civil society organisations. In all of my work I combine theory with practice. Social documentary allows me to do research, community outreach and advocacy at the same time.

About me​​




Would you like to create an image film about yourself or your organisation?

In 2015 I produced an English- and Chinese-language image film for the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies in Nottingham. It was used in postgraduate student recruitment in Germany and the PR China.  


In 2013 I profiled six female social entrepreneurs and their organistions in Ireland, Germany, and China in my documentary series "Stewards of the Social Environment".

Do you see the value in documenting one of your innovative projects?

In order to document the highly innovative Greater China Field School I produced a short documentary which highlights the experiential learning of my students in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China in Spring 2016.

Are you thinking about recording video testimonials?


Would you like to promote a cause or principle? Video-recorded testimonials can help inform the decisions of institutional elites, e.g. when deliberating about policies or discussing resource allocation. 





ESoDoc | ZeLIG

In 2010 I joined ESoDoc in 2010, a training initiative offered by the ZeLIG School for Documentary.


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